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The Southern Maine Regional Water Council (SMRWC) is an organization of water and wastewater utilities united by the mission to advance regional water supply objectives, including promoting regional cooperation, improving public water system resiliency, developing cooperative programs to reduce expenses for the existing and future customers, and planning for future public water supply needs of the region.


The SMRWC was formed in 2005 as a result of utility-sponsored legislation to encourage regional solutions for public water delivery. The Council has organized and accomplished several steps towards regionalizing the delivery of public water.  Member water utilities are already realizing cost savings through a group purchasing program and benefit from an emergency response mutual aid plan.  The Council has commissioned two studies to examine the region's water supplies and to create a framework for a combined distribution and supply system for southern Maine. 

Combined, these seven utilities serve approximately 350,000 people in 25 communities or 25% of Maine’s population

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